Smart TV Alliance


Oct 29, 2004
Finally a body which aims to make it easy for developers to create apps that are supported on different brands of televisions.

Smart TV Alliance is committed to providing partners with a platform to create interactive content on consumers' TV screens.

The Smart TV Alliance's motto is 'build once, run everywhere'. The members' ambition is align on technology that will allow app developers to create apps and successfully run them on all supported Smart TV Alliance platforms. Smart TV Alliance utilizes open solutions technology and Smart TV Alliance Apps can be developed using open standard (HTML5) systems. There is no pressure for our Smart TV Alliance partners to adopt 'tight grid' developments as you have the flexibility to create your own experiences. Enriched content can be given to consumers by developing interactive experiences via their Smart TV Alliance app.

Smart TV Alliance - Our Mission

Though I believe Smart TVs would eventually disappear from the market because they are not easy to upgrade after a couple of years.

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