Does Connectify use a wireless network adapter

Nitish Sharma

May 16, 2012
Let me clarify that I am not an expert in these things but I have connectify pro (latest version bought today only) but I don't have a wireless network adapter, I wanted to know that when I choose start hotspot in connectify, I get an error CF00B001 and it says "The configured Share Over device is currently attached to a network using DHCP. Please disconnect it from its network to start a hotspot on this device" I disable it in adapter settings (in network and sharing Center) and when I again click o start hotspot, It comes back to the normal state and the broadband connection I have at home (the adapter I use in connectify) is again enabled. I wanted to know that if I buy a network adapter, would the wifi run (my father is not allowing wifi at home and I can't download apps from the market for my android and the 3g data plans are really high). If yes, then please can you give me a link of a product on flipkart that I could get with cash on delivery and use in a usb slot.