Biggest mistake porting into vodafone?


Dec 2, 2009
So I ported out of Loop and into Vodafone.Its been 2 days now and my Sim card has not been activated. Everyone says- wait 4 hours, itll happen by morning etc. WTH? It takes 7 days to activate International roaming?Loop was so much better at Customer Service. What can I do now?


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Aug 14, 2011
Gurgaon | Mumbai
Has your loop sim card stopped working ? If not, cancel the porting.


Jun 20, 2010
whereas I am happy with ported vodafone.I suggest wait for some time or call 18001234567I tell u one thing the highest 3G speed in mumbai only one provider Vodafone 3G.10Mbps rocking speed for HD p*rn lovers :)


Jun 14, 2012
If I ever started a business to provide customer service, and I tried very hard to be the worst in the business I am sure I will be distant second to Vodafone India. Here goes the Rant: I am visiting my extended family in Punjab and i went ahead and purchased a SIM from Vodaphone loaded it up with couple of K's worth of talk time sent a request to activate data and all that good stuff on a recommendation of a family member who has been using them since a year or so. Vodaphone informed me that data will get active within 4 hrs, i was not expecting that delay then i thought well may be they provision all the soc's etc at the end of the day so I was ok with it. The store guys at Vodofone corporate store had already changed the APNs on my phone. Next morning i woke up data still does not work. I was getting little upset cause i run my life on email and i do need some tethering ability cuase I run a business back home. (California). So I tried calling there toll free number 198. The call was getting connected but all I could hear is their freaking commercials. No option to talk to live person. So I gave up after few tries. Tried calling their paid help line : 111 or +91-9888098880 …naah the call would not go through I was very perturbed and upset that how can in this day and age a so called multinational billion dollar company cannot activate my data on the phone. Requested my cuz to drive me to the Vodafone Sarabha nagar location in Ludhiana. Although they were respectful but they were of no help because they cannot activate the data. They gave me a complaint number and assured that data will be active in another 4 to 6 hours. Well guess what it was almost 24 hrs and data was still not active. And then I asked them why I could not call the paid helpline number where a live customer service agent could help me, ( there reply surprised me ) they said that the calling to get in touch with a live agent was not provisioned on the sim. When I heard I was beyond upset. What kind of service was that where the sim has to be provisioned to provide service when I am willing to pay for it. I requested to get a refund…. ( but I knew that was not happening they are not going to refund my money) So just requested kindly activate my data and that was it walked out. 28hrs…. 30 hrs…… 36 hrs. next morning …. Next evening……….. 48 hrs and my data is still not active …………. Then I wrote email to the nodal office and cc to vodafone care punjab. They sent me a email after 6 hrs saying it will get active within 4 to 24 hrs. I was not only upset I was getting furious how the hell can that be possible. Mean while I was using my cuz wifi ( who by the way is using BSNL and those moron have a data cap of 1.5 gb. ( I burn that on TMO usa nexus in a week) so I was feeling bad that I am burning up his data. But he is a support and called bsnl to change his plan to unlimited. Anyways going back to Stupid Vodafone. So next day they activated my data that was after more than 50 hours since I had paid for it. They sent me OTA Apn setting and I was feeling confident. Things are going to change cause all I need it data going in and out I don’t care if it is slow I just need my email working. BUT NOOOOO……… Vodafone morons sent wrong APN setting, the short code says that data plan is active but I have nothing transferring on my phone. I called again the morons at customer service had no clue. Went back to Vodafone Sarabha Nagar, they were clueless too, all they said we will open up a trouble ticket. I was so furious they I had to go grab a beer to calm my nerves ( if any body is familiar with Vodafone Sarabha Nager location they know that there is a Thaka next door.( hahahaha) atleast it cooled me down temp out side was almost 120 F. Anyways later that night I did some search on the internet and found APN setting on the internet. So had my data working after more that 58 hours of run around. Well guess what the story does not end here…………… After a couple of days I started getting random messages E.g Fact of the Day , joke of the day , horoscope cricket scores , etc etc….. and my inbox is getting full at a faster rate than I could delete them. Checked my balance it was dipping down at if the bottom had a hole. Went online opened an account on Vodafone website and I see that I have been subscribed to variety of stupid services. I felt cheated…… No I felt raped. I sent a email to Vodafone care and they respond after 12 hrs telling me that I had subscribed to them ………… now they were calling me a liar. That was it , I wrote a email to TRAI Secretary Shri Rajeev Agrawal and CC’ed another one to his principle advisor explaining him the situation and telling his esteemed office how telecom companies are swindling the Indian Telecom Customer. Guess what after few hours I receive an email from Vodafone telling that they are going to look into the charges etc they haven’t done anything of yet. Then I just sat there thinking why will they do anything about it they are getting commission, 900 million wireless subscribers even if everybody is signed up once that’s like millions of $$ in their pocket.Will keep you guys updated if I get my refund. I will be throwing away the Vodafone sim as soon as my balance goes down to zero, my cuz and his family will be porting their numbers in principle, and I will never do business with Vodafone again not in India, not in Europe or where ever they do business. Rant end.


Jan 29, 2007
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Aug 1, 2005
whereas I am happy with ported vodafone.
I suggest wait for some time or call 18001234567
I tell u one thing the highest 3G speed in mumbai only one provider Vodafone 3G.
10Mbps rocking speed for HD p*rn lovers :)

Not to Mention Rs. 1500 for 10 GB with a whopping Rs. 150/gb
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