Aircel 2G Pocket Internet Limited Plans?

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The Bastard Son
Mar 21, 2009
There is a plan for vodafone users which gives 30MB of data for 30 days. It's a very good plan for people like me who hardly use more than 50mb a month on their android phones. Is there any similar plan for aircel users?The plans I found are 2gb@76 and unlimited@98 which are an overkill me. Besides I don't anyone can download more than 1gb with the kind of pathetic speeds they offer. They're networks are probably chocked with so many kids using aircel sim cards primarily for 24/7 movie downloads.Maybe it's time for aircel to cancel "unlimited" data plans to "limited" data plans for improvement in quality of service?

Chethan Hn

Jun 19, 2012
lol dude Vodafone 2g sucks i used 54 Rs plan which gives 500mb for 15 days only after that 10p/10kb then also used both 4 rupee plan and 16 which gives 120mb for 3 days and all of them sucks soo now i am using aircel for last 6-7 days and let me tell u its awesome i am getting same speed as vodafone but look at the price 14 RS 3 day unlimited i had used almost 750mb in 3 days downloaded few songs and i play lot of facebook and online games and aircel is the best and true meaning of unlimited its just freedom now i am planning to use RS 98 plan which is one month unlimited trust me there is no difference is speed as i use IDM they both give around 20~25kbps but price difference is too much yeah i am enjoying i even downloaded a movie :D which is 300mb hahaha though mobile i am crazy only problem i faced is in morning time it gets disconnected a few times or a bit slow compare to vodafone
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