Harassed and Frustrated with Airtel


Jun 11, 2012
I have been trying to follow up my case with Airtel for last 3 months through phone, email and facebook page but no response.Here is the summary of my case:On Dec 8th 2011, I took Airtel broadband connection with A/C no:7005406260 and tel no:080 40925536.After 3 days of working, the connection stopped working and even afterseveral requests, the connection did not work till Dec 27th 2011.On Dec 27th 2011, I was told that there is some technical migrationhappening and I would be given a new account number and old account willbe disconnected (Req no: 9412180).So I was given new a/c no: 7005410475 with tel no: 080 40924673. I usedthat connection till February 15th, after which it again went down.After waiting for 4-5 days, I was so frustrated that I called todisconnect my new a/c no and thats when I realized that my old accountwas also still active. I requested to disconnect all connections in myname (Req no: 11916940) and I took the broadband from some other place.I have paid the bill for my new connection for Jan and Feb 2012 but Ihave been constantly harassed about not paying bill for my account(which should have been disconnected in December itself). I am alsobeing harassed for the bill payment for March and April for the newaccount, which I disconnected in Feb 2012.ITS TECHNICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GIVE 2 BROADBAND CONNECTIONS THROUGH SAME LINE BUT AIRTEL DOES NOT EVEN CARE ABOUT IMPOSSIBLE OR NOT, ALL THEY KNOW IS TO HARASS PEOPLE.If this harassment continues, I would not have any other option but totake this up in consumer court and claim for the harassment I have beengoing through for last few months.