Android could improve its performance up to 100%, with Linaro


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Jul 15, 2009
Ulhasnagar, MH
Android could improve its performance up to 100%, with Linaro

Android is not quite the marvel of resource optimization, deny it would be deceiving himself. Google is working seriously to be a marked improvement in every version of Android, hard work, but could be simpler than the hand of a joint project that is like unpromising. We are talking about Linaro.

Linaro is a project to optimize Android on ARM architecture, architecture that carry almost all the terminals that are sold today. This project is carried out from Samsung, IBM and Texas Instruments, among other manufacturers. Its main function is to ensure that Android can do better in those architectures, and so far the results are amazing.


Improvements can be seen in the video that we made ​​on these lines, but in statistical terms can be seen that the improvement reach temrinal double the capacity, which amounts to a 100% improvement. On the left you can see a stock rom Android on a plate identical to the Motorola RAZR and right the same plate but with an optimized Androdi Linaro.

The results are obvious and we look forward to us with such optimizations. Will be responsible for the ROM as Cyanogen, MIUI or AOSP, among many others, although the ultimate goal is that Google will incorporate in future versions of Android, beginning with Jelly Bean. Would be the same optimization with respect to Ice Cream Sandwich than represented Froyo in respect Ecclair.

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