Vodafone Karnataka 3G prepaid problem


Jan 14, 2011
Hello,I activated 3G on my Vodafone Karnataka prepaid sim recently. As soon it was activated, my cell started showing me that it was on roaming and I was unable to do any calls. I checked my cell network settings. I switched to GSM from (GSM / WCDMA auto) and my cell was back to show my home network, but 3G doesn't work. I have to switch to WCDMA for 3G to work, but this shows that I am in roaming and can't make any calls. I contacted a customer service center and they say that they use Aritel network for 3G and hence it shows me as roaming. They said it will soon be rectified but I doubt any such thing will happen soon. Isn't this sort of cheating by not mentioning this detail? Or if there is some solution for this problem then please let me know.


Dec 3, 2007
I'm facing the same problem on my mobile. It keeps losing connection and goes to Roaming. But I don't think roaming charges are applied. I can still make calls. Called up customer service and they said 3G service was down and it would take 48 hours for it to be up. Glad I'm not a free 2 month 3G service. Will deactivate it once the free period is over. Vodafone 3G is absolute crap!