[Guide] How to increase 3G Signal Reception


May 30, 2012
Sorry if this Guide is Already Available.


An USB Dongle
An Extended Powered USB Cable
Aluminium foil or DTH Dish

I recently Shifted to a Place where No 3G
Signal is Available I Barely Get 1 Bar of
Reliance 3G if i move it out of window with
Extended USB Cable
So i Used These tricks and now i Get 5-6
Bars of HSPA+
You Can Simply Move out Your USB Dingle
out of Window using USB Cable and Fit it
on Commonly used DTH Dish Wirth Rs.250
(I am using This one ^)

You Can Make a Dish by Covering a Big
Bowl with Aluminium Foil and Tape the
Modem on it, If You are Still Not Getting
Enough Signal Move it Out of Window
You can Use Any Kind of Mettalic Thing or
foil to Make Dish Antenna.

Remember Any Metal Sheet, Bowl,
Dish, Metallic Net, And Net Used in
Refrigators Can also increase 3G/4G
Just Give it a Try