Unable to connect dataone ... getting 678 error on laptop (PPPoE connection)


Jun 3, 2012
Hi All,

Since last 2-3 days I am unable to connect to internet.

I am using modem UT300R2U.
Earlier I have used dynamic IP address setting.

After reading different threads I have changed following TCP/IP port setting.

IP address :
Subnet mask :
default gateway :
DNS server :

Also I selected PPPoE connection instead of bridge connection for modem setting through

I got the following test result through diagnostics
qintu.jpg at Free Image Hosting

Please take a look at the screenshot for cmd ipconfig /all
pghb7.jpg at Free Image Hosting

Please advice me proper way of how to deal with this problem, as I totally new to this.
I have already read almost 10-12 threads on this , but not able to solve problem
Eagerly waiting for reply

Thanks and kind regards,