Unable to connect dataone ... getting 678 error on laptop (PPPoE connection)


Jun 3, 2012
Hi All,

I am facing a issue while connecting to internet via PPPoE connection from last2-3 days.
Before that it was connecting very easily, I didnot changed any ip settings for that, but after reading different post about this error i have done few changes suggested in that threads.

Now I change tcp/ip setting in following way
IP address:
Subnet mask:
default gateway:
DNS server:

After this I have modified modem settings through

The modem I am using is : UT300R2U

The screenshot for cmd ipconfig /all is uploaded here
pghb7.jpg at Free Image Hosting

The diagnostic result is uploaded here
qintu.jpg at Free Image Hosting

Please suggest a way to connect to internet, also tell me is there any need in reset modem setting.
Please reply quickly, becoz i have read almost dozen threads on this and tried all things but not able to connect it.

Many Regards,