Tata DOCOMO offering free calls and data to Blackberry customers


Oct 29, 2004
well i do not really understand how internet on blackberry works. but i think 10GB is usable in general as well :confused: but they do not really clarify it at all.

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here is from tech2.

Francis Jose, head of CDMA business, RIM said, “To avail the facility, customer can buy BlackBerry 9320 from any store across India but this offer which has 10 GB data download limit will be available on GSM network of Tata Docomo.” So, the user can avail of this offer only on the GSM model of the BlackBerry 9320. After the users exhausts the 600 minutes of free calls, they will be charged standard rate of 1 paisa per second as applicable by Tata DoCoMo network.

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this statement tells me that the offer is only available on blackberry 9320 model but the plan seems to be available to all blackberry users. :confused: