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Nov 9, 2010


May 23, 2008




I have had a very bad experience with nokia. I started with 3310 which was very good when it comes to usage and battery life then i switched to N70 for which i paid 21k after few months of purchasing the phone there was voice issues with the handset whereby the person calling me couldnt hear me but i could hear the caller very clearly. When i took it to nokia service centre in andheri west they told me that the main circuit of the phone is spoiled by water and i will have to pay to get it repaired and asked me Rs 700 for repairs, i simply asked them that if circuit is spoiled by water then the phone shouldnt be working at all but they simply said i will have to pay to get it repaired. Then i took the handset to the local cell phone repair shop and he changed the part in front of me for Rs 200. Around 9 months from the date of purchasing the handset the display of the handset was spoiled and this time nokia service centre guys asked me 2k. I paid them the amount but they said that there is no guarantee or warranty of the part. Within a month of changing the display it went off again and i had to get a chinese display for 800 bucks from the local cell phone repair shop. There was a display problem with my dad's express music and the same water spoiled issue was told to him by nokia service centre guys. Me and dad switched to Blackberry and there is no problem till date i even switched to iphone 4 but no issues whatsoever.
I wouldnt recommend Nokia to anyone, their service is pathetic.

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