Problems with Android Tablets


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May 5, 2009
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (P6800) and I am very happy with this device. But found out the following issues.

1. I think Apple products have the best customer satisfaction because of the support they provide.My tab has great hardware but stuck up with stupid touchwiz over Honeycomb. No stable custom ROMs available. Samsung has some pathetic customer support, never updates the user about the future of the device. No update as yet about ICS and I guess it wont even be available for this device.

I think I will end up frustrated to see Touchwiz slowing up the device and no update in sight.

2. Surprisingly there are very few apps with high resolution which can support tablets in Android. I do not have a proper app to access social networking sites. Stuck up with Tweetcaster for Twitter and Facebook app to access FB. All other apps including Tweetdeck's text is hardly visible in the tab. I think Apple scores here too with great apps for various supported resolutions.

3. Big fan of games but surprisingly there is some issue with Google play. I need to hack my phone to download the games I bought cos the Google Play Store says that the Game is incompatible. This is ridiculous. The Game works in Galaxy S and not in this device :O. There are many such games.

This is the Game

4. Cant move the apps to SD card, this I think is a feature in Honeycomb. Surprisingly 16 GB internal memory is not sufficient for my Tab and I cant move the apps to SD card :(

I think when new devices are offered, these big brands should make sure that these devices have enough support.

The browsing, viewing videos is no doubt great in tablets but I guess they still miss many things...


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Dec 9, 2006
Yes, app support for tablets is one area where apple is way ahead of android. I have the iPad 1 and even now, most of the apps on the app store run on it and it's running the latest iOS smoothly.

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