Protest againt internet censership in india by indian govt!!!


Aug 1, 2009
opindia is protesting the internet censership in india by indian govt!!!
by defacing many government website also private websites like bigcinemas

here is a link confirming hacking of reliance site
Hacker Confronts Reliance After the ISP Blocks Pastebin and Vimeo (Updated) - Softpedia


here is the google cache of site bigcinemas].::Hacked by Anonymous::.[/url]

if ppl support the protest by opindia do join!/_OpIndia and
chat on AnonOps Web Chat (qwebirc)


Founder, Hayai Broadband
Jun 22, 2009
This isn't necessarily the right way to do this, since this disrupts patrons of the websites involved (is disrupting going to hurt them? I doubt it, and it just gives them media fodder to persuade the public in to thinking that they're doing the right thing in imposing even more censorship, stricter regulations and generally f*ing it up for the rest of us more than before.)Don't they realize that the officials involved usually have their names & numbers (both office & residence) on public record? I've had occasion to call ministers and such at home in order to get certain problems resolved that I couldn't get done through the "proper" channels, so... you know... just planting seeds... but don't consider this as me endorsing the harassment of head-honchos or anything. If anything, the most powerful thing is simply to vote with your wallet: if EVERYONE were to boycott Big Cinemas for a day (or more) - preferably a day which would otherwise be busy - then they might see a message (as in, don't piss off your customers: statistically, moviegoers & Internet users are often the same people in different market segments - if you piss them off online, you risk losing them offline as well.


Jun 27, 2010
forgive me for the foul language.these ****ing bastards what do they think they are up to they call THIS SHIT democracy! to hell with democracy this country is RULED by mentally retarded *******s who are under the illusion that blocking access to certain sites will be without any consequences!All these sites, along with major torrent sites are blocked because of some unknown random tamil film called 3, yes that meaningless movie with kolaveri di in it, caused this shit! what is the big idea you worthless scum producers! senile old fools sittting the court and butt-kissing the film stars!next it will be like north korea yayy! no more access internet or TV yayyy! little shits.again sorry for the rude language but i still want to go on and on!