MBA or Post Graduate Diploma after doing 3 years Diploma in Engineering?


Nov 18, 2007
I completed 3 years (full time) Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from a polytechnic in Delhi in 1994. After that I joined a job that I got in campus interview. I left the job in 1999 to start my business and have been running a small IT company since last over 10 years. During all these years I never got a chance to go for further studies because either I was too poor to afford further education or I was too busy with job or business. So I never even enrolled for part-time BA like a lot of diploma holders do to earn a graduation degree followed by MBA.

Now I am looking to get a MBA degree or Post Graduate Diploma in IT (PGDIT) to enhance my educational qualification. Having this better educational qualification will help me in my business as well as give me some sense of satisfaction.

Until last year, Symbiosis ( was allowing people like myself having 3 years diploma and 5+ years of experience to do PDDIT. This year they have changed required qualifications to exclude diploma holders without graduation degree. I believe it may not be possible to do MBA (degree) without graduation but I may be wrong.

Further, given that I have an ongoing business, I'd like to join only the course where I can get the degree/diploma without attending too many classes like it is the case with Symbiosis. Daily evening classes I can't do. As things stand today money is not a constraint. So, cost or course fees will not be a problem. I can take 1-2 weeks off from my business once in a year to attend classes or appear for exams.

Is there any institution anywhere in India where I can join a distance education program to get the Post Graduate Diploma or MBA without having the bachelor's degree first?


Jan 18, 2011
Well I dont think it is good idea to get Post Graduate without bachelor's degree. Most of the companies wont impressed with your resume.

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