Home network setup


Dec 29, 2009
Guyz help needed..
So iam having Beam connection along with Netgear N150 Router..

As of now here is my setup

Outside PC's                    -->Lappy (2)        |                       |(1) Beam Connection---> Router---->PC (3)                                |                                ---->TV (4)
So now the problem is if i share anything from my PC(3) its visible in (2), (4) and also with (1)...So is there any way to restrict only within my home network?
Or should i configure anything?


Founder, Hayai Broadband
Jun 22, 2009
Are you talking about your PC's network shares (as in, Windows file & printer sharing or whatever, not Bittorrent/DC++/etc) being accessible even from PCs on your local cable operators network or something else?Because if you've got Beam's ethernet cable plugged in to the WAN port, and the router is in PPPoE mode, it shouldn't be available anyway due to NAT.If however you're using the LAN port to connect because of the MAC binding or whatever (essentially using the Netgear router as a glorified switch) then just get Beam to reset the MAC binding after plugging in to the WAN port (and entering your username, password and the service name in the "basic settings" page) then, in theory, you should be good to go.