Need review of Meghbela Broadband Service?

Projit Chandra

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Nov 7, 2014
Guys... PMPL gives a good service but depends upon the CHARACTER of the network provider.. If you are dealing with a old damn (who doesn't know anything about tech.) idiot kind a provider then surely you will get a AWESOMELY BAD speed.... i am living in kolkata proper where every one thinks that i should get a awesome speed in pearing. but the truth is that i am getting a HORRIBLE speed for a very high cost.. My friend lives near dum dum park. he uses SITI i am sad to say that his broad band give 11.59MB/s in torrents... even 12MB/s some time.. in cheaper price than me..
I am very sad to say that PMPL is trying to make profit out of every thing.. from yesterday i am seeing that in torrents there is no speed. and i complained several time. but .... as usual.. no reply. for that u require a young man who knows everything about broad band..
In our area Servers are not serviced time to time.. not even update time to time.. this is the condition of the OLD ,ORTHODOX, ***** , MENTALITY of our providers........


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May 28, 2018
I am using broadband since 2010. At first used BSNL for 4 years then Wishnet for almost 2 years. Now i am using Meghbela. With Meghbela you will get a stable and reliable connection. Good ping response time and speed as mentioned in your package.Any day BSNL sucks there is no point of talking about it. Wishnet i would say, i have mixed feelings about them.
Almost every day after around 12 midnight to 6 in the morning you will face some down time in between that. You will get a better speed in torrent compared to Meghbela but as i said its not a stable connection.Almost evryday you have to face some down time in Wishnet and that is very frustrating.
In Meghbela what they promised will give you. reliable, stable , fast response, good ping time. down side is torrent speed you will not get more than 5MB/s compared to Wishnet where you can get upto 10-12MB/S.

In the end i would like to add one key note that is, how the service is or how the stability of your connection its all depends on the Local cable operator irrespective of the broadband provider.
In my case lco is same for Wishnet and Meghblea and infrastructure is same for that so i have given a comparison. I have a FTTH line direct to my home from lco office in both of the occasion.
Maintain a good relation with lco if s/he is a knows the nitty-gritty of broadband then you would have a good time .

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