3g speed on blackberry handsets?

May 4, 2012
Hi,I live in delhi and am currently a postpaid customer on airtel. I have a 3g enabled blackberry handset (bold 3). Airtel tells me that even after activating 3g services on my handset, the maximum speed I will get while using the internet on my handset is 384kbps. They tell me that proper 3g speeds are only available on blackberry if i use the phone as a wifi modem for my laptop, etc. According to them its a handset issue with all blackberry phones.On calling up vodafone customer care I was informed that on vodafone, blackberry users get proper 3g speed on their handsets (i was told between 3-7 mbps usually and a maximum of 21mpbs)I wanted to find out if this was infact true?Regards


Aug 6, 2011
i have used vodafone and airtel on bold 9900 and i get only 3g speed i.e 300-400 kbps. The problem lies with operator coz they dont enable 3.5 on Blackberry.