Does a digital coaxial/optical to analog converter will help improve the sound?


Mar 7, 2010
Hi guys!

First the set-up :

Currently my Tata sky HD+ (TSHD+) and sony home theatre system (HTS) (5.1 channel) both are connected directly to the sony LCD through HDMI wires.

My TSHD+ and LCD are a few years old, but when i purchased the home theatre a few months ago, i found out that the HDMI alone is unable to output sound from LCD to HTS. Therefore, i connected my TV from its analog out (via Red/white RCA cable) to analog-in (red/white port) in the home theatre system.

The issue :

Everything is working seemingly fine until recently i observed that some of the channels (probably mainly the SD ones) output sounds only from the front speaker and from the two rear speakers comes out some very low interrupting sounds only audible if one places one's ear close to the speaker. However, when i play HD channels on TS HD+ or a dvd in the home theatre system, the sound comes fine in all speakers seemingly with surround sound effect.

Observation :

Today i read that analog are not fully capable of handling surround sound and therefore thorough this method i may not be using the full potential of TS HD+ and the home theatre, and it may also be the culprit for the interrupting noise.

I also observed that my HTS has only HDMI out as well as analog in provisions in it. I also read that though my HTS's HDMI is of 1.4 version, which support ARC (Audio Return Channel, ARC is the latest feature in HDMI which can make the sound travel both ways through the same single HDMI cable), however, it seems my LCD does not support ARC (that was the reason why in the beginning only HDMI way was incapable of bringing in the sound from LCD to the HTS).

Solution ?:

Now the only solution seems possible to get better sound and remove those noise is bring in the audio directly from TSHD+ to HTS through a digital coaxial/optical to analog converter & cable as digital coaxial/optical is said to deliver better quality sound then analog (red/white).

Am i right? will it work? is there any other way available?

I know i was foolish enough to purchase the above HTS without researching about all this. But i have to find out the best solution from the current scenario.

Thanks for reading!

Note :

[*]The sony LCD TV model is KLV-32V400A and its user manual is available here (see page no. 17 for various connectivity options).
[*]The sony HTS model is DAV-DZ340K and its user manual is can be found here (see page no. 12 for various connectivity options).
[*]The Tata Sky HD+ user manual is available here (see page no. 11 for various connectivity options).
Thanks for help!


Aug 4, 2005
issue of sound through HDMI has been solved. Pls try reconnecting TV & HTS through HDMI cable only and let us know.


Mar 7, 2010
Pls try reconnecting TV & HTS through HDMI cable only and let us know.

HI delhiboy1000!

Thanx 4 ur reply!

Actually i did this a couple of time just before opening this post here... actually that does not work...

Yes, it is correct that now a days the same HDMI cable which bring audio/video from HTS to TV is also capable to bring back audio from TV to HTS (Of course, one route at a time, but no two HDMI cables required). However, for that one's TV's HDMI part must support ARC (Audio Return Channel) which seems to be not available in my LCD though purchased around 3 years back :(

Issue of sound through HDMI has been solved.

Can you elaborate on this? how can i solve this?


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