Problem with recharge coupon

anuj kathuria

Aug 31, 2009
New Delhi
so when i scratch my recharge coupon for some strange reason the code also gets scratched :angry (): . i didnt apply any extra force or used a cutter/knife or any other pointed object, i simply used a coin.. and in reply to my complaint this is what airtel has to say

i am very disappointed with them after all this is not my fault, i have the coupon with me it has a serial number they can easily cross check in their system that this person is not trying to cheat us with an already used coupon and then they can give me a new code or add the balance to my account.. what will the shop owner, after all do he doesn't have the means to track if i am trying to deceive him.

also i haven't received any calls from them as mentioned in their email..


Nov 28, 2005
Pune, India
That's a BS reply. Escalate this matter.Btw, are you very sure you scratched it gently?Next time, perform an E-recharge instead. Better, just recharge online.