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Oct 18, 2010
Found this interesting article in Wednesday's edition of DNA Mumbai. Now how useful it is, i really dont know. Thats why i felt lets have a talk on it - if at all anyone has used it or not.

Article link: Buying grocery now has a tech edge - Money - DNA

Basically, it operates in the same way as you do railway or air bookings. But what takes the cake is there are no extra costs involved and the products get delivered right at your doorstep.What augurs well for the consumer is the competition is building up as more and more players try to wean away customers by lining up hefty discounts and other promotional features in an attempt to corner a bigger chunk of market share.

Site Link: AaramShop - the convenient neighbourhood retailer network

The modus operandi is like this. When a consumer makes an order on the website, he can select the shop nearest to his home for delivery. The shopkeeper is alerted about the order through an e-mail followed by an SMS and a call from AaramShop’s call centre. The waiting time is around 3-4 hours before the order can be delivered.

Unlike a typical e-commerce transaction, the company does not charge anything from the kirana stores or even from customers. Instead, it is looking to make money directly from brands by providing them with analytics of consumer behaviour so that they can figure out buyers’ brand preference.

Looks like an interesting concept to me, unless theres some hidden catch that i am missing!


Oct 21, 2005
^ It is not really that great, i found this site long time back , they just forward your order to the store , you can do that on your own by calling the store & save your time , minimum order/return policy etc are not standardized & are different for different stores , if the store doesnt deliver your order in time you cant do anything, It would have been usefull if they had standard rules for all stores.


Oct 29, 2004
we have online services here in gurgaon that deliver the goods themselves. so they are answerable to the people ordered stuff from them. i have used in the past. no longer.


this service looks like justeat.in. they collaborate with third party services and just provide the online frontend on their behalf.


Oct 21, 2005
Yes, its all in their FAQ https://www.aaramshop.com/pages/faq

[h=2]What if the AaramShop does not deliver?[/h] The various neighborhood grocery stores have elected to be part of AaramShop as they want to do their best to extend additional services to their valued customers - i.e. you. They have additionally been screened to ensure adequate infrastructure including ability of delivery of orders to your doorstep.
However, in a situation where your order has not been delivered, you can choose to call the retailer to remind him of the order (every time you place an order, you receive the retailer's contact details).
All payout to the retailer by you are to be done only after successful delivery of good, this gives you added security and convenience.

If the the store doesnt deliver all you can do is remind them yourself , its better to just directly call & order, like most people already do , there is also no guarantee that the items on the site will be in stock at the store

[h=2]What if there are a few items less in the shopping bag?[/h]Your preferred AaramShops makes a sincere effort to ensure it have all possible brands (and their product sizes) are available with them, however it is quite possible that the product you order might be out of stock.

If the retailer is unable to fulfill the order completely, he will discount the cost of item which he is unable to provide from the total cost of the products delivered.

Please do verify the contents of the delivery to ensure that match your order.


[h=2]Are there standard terms and conditions across all AaramShops?[/h] No, all AaramShops are encouraged to set their own terms and conditions. There is no force fitting on AaramShop. Terms and conditions, if any, specific to an AaramStore are detailed out in the store profile.
Please remember that AaramShop is a co-created experience where-in all the AaramShop are independent retailers who join the AaramShop network in-order to give you - the shopper a more convenient and hassel-free shopping experience.
The AaramShops therefore, might offer you varying levels of discount on the MRP, would have varying minimal order levels, store-timings and work-days, etc. and as a shopper you have an option to explore and choose an AaramShop based on whatever conditions best work for you.
However, www.aaramShop.com has it's terms of service which you are encouraged to read up.

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