Airtel MNP prepaid plan change allowed or not?


Apr 23, 2012

This is Kumar, I have been a silent guest reader of this forum. I have learnt and configured N number of routers with information from this forum. So thanks to all who contribute to the world. Hopefully I will do the same like you some day :)

Now the problem: I am a vodafone prepaid customer at present and commute between two states daily. Hence I need to change my plan to some better roaming plans. I was suggested that Rs 42 will get me to the roaming which I wanted. But when I recharged the plan was not activated rather I got the main balance increased. When inqured about this with VF CC, Nodal and Apellate, it seems to be a technical glitch which does not allow MNP (I was earlier with Aircel prior to Vodafone) numbers to change to that 42 plan.

Hence I am planning to move to Airtel as Roaming is very important for me.

Question is : Are there any one who ported to Airtel and were able to change their plan to Rs. 53 which gives raoming benefits as the plan in the link below,

Airtel Best Value Offers & Plan

This is my first post here so guys please go easy on me if I made a mistake whilst posting.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and assistance.


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