Mmisue of wifi network

Apr 19, 2012
since Aug 2010 I'm using BSNL broadband "BBG FN Home combo 500" and upto Jan'12 hardly faced major issue with billing mismatch against my usage.Rarely I crossed my free DSL limit(1.5GB) from starting but all of a sudden on Feb'12 my bill rose upto Rs730 and this month it touched Rs 1095 without any excess use from my side, now I came to know it is due to extra DSL use.As I almost doing same type of limited access it was beyond our expectation.Now when I search about DSL uses I can see even my absence somebody has used my network from neighbour houses due to WIFI access.When I was using my old MODEM service engineers from BSNL during first installation they set some connection password with my consent but last Dec they changed the MODEM(as earlier one was not working), now this time they deliberately changed my old password without intimating me and gave some default password,which can be easily accessed by any hacker(that actually happend in my case too,I can see now while checking the usage details).I not even sure what other data(could be my netbanking password and others card details) been accessed from my system without my knowledge due to this types of deliberate mishap by your service engineers(which nothing but a criminal offense to set/change some password for customer without their approval).Since yesterday I was trying to call your customer support they just disconnecting my calls telling it as an new types of complain for them.They was not even showed the courtesy to listen to me and disconnecting my calls in between since then.Today I even asked your Noida Sec 39 branch and requested them to check that issue and set my new password/configuration but not even came to my home to help me out(although promised to come but didn,t turn out).Every time Sec39 branch showed this type of approach and passes any issue to customer support, they are just bunch of fools who not even know/understand about BSNL broadband system, so always no use and pass it to some body else.My question who will be responsible for such mishap and how they are doing such unlawful things,they must earning some bucks by disclosing our passwords to somebody else or doing such tricks without our knowledge.Why should I pay that extra amount which I not used, Kindly look into it.Why not you can track those computer users who did that unauthorized access.I just want to pay my regular amount i.e Rs 551 not that amount that caused by some of your greedy engineers.


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Aug 14, 2011
Gurgaon | Mumbai
This is not an official bsnl support forum. The best you could do is speak to the accounts officer. And lodge a complaint at the pgwebrgn page. And, do change the password of your network. Type in the browser, navigate to the wireless part of your router and change the pw


Jul 10, 2011
Swatilekha, I understand you believe that the BSNL engineer set a wifi password when they replaced the modem and are sharing it with your neighbours? I doubt it. Wifi password can be changed by you (if you are able to access the wifi modem with ip guess some of the modems can be set with no password to access wifi. If this is the case, any stranger with in your wifi modem's range can access your network. Access the modem and change the wifi password (for this you get information on the modem's user manual or support website). Also, wifi modems these days have several features to allow who can connect, who cannot even if they have the wifi password.WPS for example, need to click a button physically on the modem to even connect to it.Simpler one is adding approved devices MAC address and all only those devices to connect.Keep your wifi password like a sentence with few words. Keep wifi off when you dont use.