How is BSNL CDMA EVDO Data card & its plans?

Shubham Chugh

Apr 6, 2012
I recently got to know about BSNL EVDO CDMA services & its plans seems really cheap .Unlimited 2.4 mbps speed for 750 permonth only (nothing about fup was mentioned,therefore its seeming truely unlimited) Howzz it possible.If there is a plan like this then who would prefer other services. Therefore i'm in doubt that have i got correct information or not Please somebody clear my doubt


Yes..its truly UL...and yes 750 P.M.modem comes for 1100 bucks i guess....But the main thing is....ask for a demo...see if you get 2.4Mbps on a regular basis in your area and other neighbouring areas too if possible[small precaution]....Because EVDO technology is one Nasty B!tc#[especially in india]....