How to get rid of dark circles?


Jul 11, 2011
Mumbai, India
Well due to personal work, since the last 20-25 days I'm sleeping at around 2:30am and getting up at 6:30am. I have developed dark circles too in the same period of time. Some of my friends say that the dark circles have developed due to lack of sleep.So for that reason I'm trying hard to sleep early, but I want a better solution to get rid of these dark circles.The dark circles are not much visible from far, I don't think that they are much noticeable even if I talk face to face with someone, but when I look at them from really close, I realize that they look bad.Any suggestions to get rid of them or to reduce them?
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Mar 4, 2013
Tip 1:Grate 2' piece of cucumber. Squeeze through a muslin cloth and extract the juice. Dip cotton pads in this and place on eyelids. Relax for 15 minutes.Tip 2:Take 1 tspn Tomato pulp,1 pinch of Turmeric powder ½ tspn of limejuice and 1 tspn of gram flour. Make a paste and apply gently. Remove gently with moist cotton pads after ½ an hourTip 4:Apply a paste made by crushing a handful of Mint leaves.Tip 3:Soak 2 Almonds overnight. Peel and grind to a smooth paste. Add a few drops of limejuice to this Apply for 20-25 minutes. This should be followed daily and gradually after 2 weeks, every 3rd day and finally when the difference is visible, to once aeek. A paste of Almonds can be stored in a clean bottle in the 'fridge.personally cucumber helped me earlier when i had dark circles . .not anymore :)


Sep 3, 2012
Cucumber tip is very nice and easiest tip.Also try, Put cotton balls dipped in rose water and place it on your eye lids .It is also effective