Few questions about getting a new D2H connection [a DTH newbie]


Apr 2, 2006
Hello guys, as i said i am new to this DTH stuff having always had analog cable and i am getting tired of it.

So here it goes.

After researching a bit i find that for my basic requirement of
All sports, CNN/BBC/NDTV 24/7 and Star Movies/HBO with Discovery/NatGeo are only met by D2H's New Diamond Pack most economically(i think & hope).

Any suggestion to this would be welcome as well, i computed a lower pack+addons but that comes slightly over priced in comparison over long term.

The questions i have is what sort of STB should i be getting.

My TV is LG 26" LED TV 26LV3000 , It says its HD ready and supports 16:9 and 4:3,etc aspect ratios but its resolution is 1366 x 768p (not 1080) so it can't be HD, right?

I am not interested in HD channels at the moment anyway, but i want to have the option to directly add them on if i feel so after getting a connection.

So should i be getting that Rs1900 HD Satellite Box with 3D or the normal 1400 one?
The TV does have HDMI support so does the normal STB have HDMI as i would prefer to connect it that way possibly(or is that a given). Suggestions?

Lastly, how safe is the dish, my SE direction is blocked by a building so I'd have to put dish on terrace 3 floors up and monkeys are a a menace here(snows as well), so what do you say guys, can the setup take it or would i have to run to repairs every day or keep calling customer care?

Any other suggestion i am all ears, i am fed up with cable and especially their policy of boycotting Ten Network, i can't watch the damn Football :(


Apr 23, 2010
As of now I will suggest to go for hd box.D2H exercise upgradations quite often so if there is any drawback they remove it..


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Oct 18, 2010
I wud say u shud go for HD. Coz being a football lover, u will get 2 channels - ESPN & Ten in HD, which shows a lots of football. But i m really wondering what difference it cud make on a 26 inch TV, since many people on 32" TVs also cannot differentiate much! As regards the monkey & snow menace, i wud suggest u find out what the other users of DTH do in ur area. I m sure there wud be such users, who can share their experiences with u.

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