Using datacard with Wi-Fi tablets


Oct 7, 2006
Ok, I happened to mention about the below 6k range tablet & a friend got interested, wanted to know if he can use his datacard (Reliance Netconnect). I was not sure, and a google link explained, how Wi-Fi can be turned off & as a data plan it can be used for Android tablets.

This is the tablet that I showed him : Olive Pad V-T300, Tablet PC India, Tablet PC, Android Tablet, Best, 3G
This is the link that talks about connecting USB modem : Know How to Connect USB Modem To Android Tablet

Has anyone tried it, will it work. Any issues in the above suggestion from the guide.


Similary, this one has 3G dongle support - Atleast will this one work out - Zync Tablet - Discussion here


Eh - Nobody knows? :confused: