How airtel fixes wireline disconnections in Dwarka, New Delhi


May 31, 2010
New Delhi
Went to the terrace after having terrible disturbance in the landline and my router constantly rebooting itself over and over without a link being established (the usual story every other week) and was greeted by this sight :mad (): one of them is my line, the other a (possibly clueless) neighbor.

This is how they have been taking care of my repeated disconnection/disturbance on my connection when i have been headbanging over the precious 30GB(!!) they provide me every month for ~1500bucks.... They can't even afford a friggin insulation tape!?! It looks like a fixing job done by a 12 year old kid...
When i was earlier present when some lineman came to fix it, even after me insisting on changing the friggin line and after i made myself very clear to the person attending my cc call and also to the lineman, they say they'll get it replaced the next day or later the same day and guess what.. Nothing.

I am now at my wits end of what to do with this (dis)connection having already placed around 10 such complaints in the last 4 months alone.
No digital cable in my sector so no broadband there..local LAN based ISP sucks just like this, reliance/tata not available.



Incoherent Poster
Aug 14, 2011
Gurgaon | Mumbai
Technically, it should work. In my building too, theyve wired it exactly as youve shown in the image. You coukd fix it yourself, as godric_gt has suggested. Else, mtnl, provided the wiring is better :p


masoom kameena!
May 18, 2011
you should thank them at least wires are jointed. :haha: j/k