TRAI to telecom operators: Stop misleading tariff advertisements


Oct 29, 2004
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has directed operators that advertisements published by them are transparent, non-misleading and unambiguous, disclose all information in unambiguous manner, and contain the website address and customer care number of the operator.

As per Trai, a tariff advertisement can be termed misleading if it induces a consumer to subscribe to a plan, which he would not have otherwise subscribed, contains an untrue statement, omits a material fact and fails to disclose attached restrictions.

The regulator said that advertising a particular call rate as 'per second' or 'per minute' would be misleading in cases where the pulse rate is higher than 'one second' or 'one minute'.

"Thus, declaration of call rate as 'half paisa or one-fourth paisa per second' would mislead if the actual rate is 1 paisa per two seconds or 1 paisa per for seconds," Trai said. It also added example of misleading case where promise is made for 1 paisa per SMS if it is applicable only after the first SMS which is charged at the base rate or higher rate.

Trai asks telecom operators to stop misleading tariff ads

I wonder if this is applicable on internet services too. Unlimited plans with FUPs on them needs to be taken care off.