Query regarding the fair usage plans.. mtnl delhi

anuj kathuria

Aug 31, 2009
New Delhi
i need to know the speeds of the freedom plans..as on the website it says 2mpbs/512kbps upto 35 gb... this confuses me... i know the logic is that upto 35gb you should get 2mbps but then in the unlimited plan it simply says 1mbps.... 2mbps and so on..the reason i am asking is this is because i have used the limited usage plans which say maximum speed upto 2mbps but i always got 512kbps only...i want to know are these freedom plans also like the limited usage plans in this regard and will i end up with only 512 kbps speed most of the time even under the 35gb limit....


Incoherent Poster
Aug 14, 2011
Gurgaon | Mumbai
On any plan, ideally you should get the maximum stated speed. Perhaps, your sync rate/speed profile was set to 512k and hence you never got good speeds.