Tarun Kumar: CTO, Tikona Digital Networks [Interview by Lightreading]


Aug 2, 2008
Tikona Digital Networks

Tikona Digital Networks, a wireless broadband provider provides internet service up to 90% stable as Tarun Kumar says. They are capable to maintain their network in heavy wireless traffic where it is hard for any company to give stable connection. It seems tikona has large numbers of subscribers as I have seen figure mentioned in the interview.

Tikona works on free channel as we all know. They provide CPE manufactured by Ubiquiti Networks but they install their own developed firmware(Tikona v3.6) into the CPE. However, access of CPE is not given to users or technicians for the security purpose, I guess. Nobody knows the exact configuration of Tikona.

Tikona is much bigger than I have ever expected. I was surprised when Tikona has participated in the auction and bought costly spectrum for BWA. Tikona is feeling proud of providing service on the free service but I must say from my experience, you should go for Tikona unless you have choice and make sure you do not have too many active wireless receiver around. It will definitely create interference results into breaking and unstable connectivity which is almost impossible because their tech support is very poor. They are helpless against interference. Their CPEs are not capable to receive constant signal from their access point even it is close about 100meters. Poor antenna gain.....

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I think I should start giving respect. As I said, it is much bigger than expectation.
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