Free or cheapest rate for STD calls between two numbers (Karnatakata - Tamil Nadu)


Mar 21, 2012
Good Evening,Hi, this is Raaghavan from Bangalore. I was searching whether any unlimited STD call packs are available in between two numbers, one in Karnataka and other in Tamil Nadu and there in the search results I bumped with this useful forum. It will be great if anyone can provide information for which the rates are minimum for two numbers. I wanted this lesser call rate only to one number in Tamil Nadu from Karnataka and I am ready to take SIMS cards of whichever service provider who provides the lesser rates.Thank you for going through my thread/query, it will be very helpful for me if any can share their knowledge. Have a nice day!Regards,Raaghavan N


Nov 9, 2010
Hi Raaghavan welcome to IBF!!

Tata Docomo is better choice for cheap STD calling. (Not unlimited) [STV Rs.24/- Local and STD at 1p/6sec for 1st 500 Mins.]

I think you should wait for some days because all operators are changing their Special tariff vouchers and other RCV's as per TRAI guideline.