Fraud Reliance Broadband :Threatened me to pay the Due Amount which i dint use the internet


Mar 1, 2012
Dear Sir,I am srikanth, subscriber of reliance broadband connection(ID no.100000114498388, User ID. 344971512644).Despite of my continuous request to disconnect the broadband connection from July 2011, they did not provide the complaint number till November 2011 and They are claiming that they have received the complaint request from November 2011. Now they are enforcing me to pay the bill from July 2011 as I have shifted my house to some other place.I raised a request in the month of July2011 to disconnect the broadband connection that time customer care people took the request.But, now they are telling that the request is received in the month of November 2011.I shifted the house at the month end of June 2011 and not used the broadband connection from July 2011 onwards.Then why I have to pay the money from July to December 2011?On 03rd Feb 2012,one of the Reliance Advocate(his mobile no..(8739979439) called to my mobile number, and he said that they booked a case on me for the due amount [Rs.4140] and the Advocate troubled me alot,he is not at all listening what I am telling.He gave 1hr time and asking me to pay the bill amount. Then I went to the reliance office, I said the same thing and they checked all the details for my account. Then in the middle the Advocate called again and he was telling only 5minutes time to pay the amount.. I gave the mobile to reliance people to talk to the advocate.Then also he was not listening what they were telling.The Advocate don't know how to talk to a citizen and employee also,he don't have manners. This was the horrible and embrassing moment.Without using the internet also I paid the amount.I sent mail to the Customer Care also regarding this,they replied like this "We regret for the inconvenience caused in this regard.We kindly inform you that your request has been forwarded to the concerned department to solve the issue. One of our executives will respond to you shortly."But till now there is no response from Reliance Customer Care.I asked the Reliance Broadband to provide the logs of usage of my broadband connection from July 2011 month onwards.In that log it will show whether i used the broadband or not?And refund my money back, what I paid unnecessarily. If you have any further questions reply back to same mail. So that I'll give further details. Regards,Srikanth.


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Aug 14, 2011
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Go to the consumer court and don't pay these guys a single penny. You could send a counter notice citing false allegations and the likes.


Aug 30, 2007
Even i know 2 person who got similar calls in last 48 hours, same type of stories that Reliance already posted you notice in advance but postal dept. remarked as post "NOT ACCEPTED" -- giving you time till 1 pm to pay at nearest webworld etc... I think it's all fake they are not advocate or not from legal dept, Reliance just gave contract to some recovery agency & they are aggressive & having such innovative ideas to recover dues in sober manner. I think x720 suggestion is perfect one should teach them a lesson by exposing them in consumer court.


Jun 17, 2011
If you have any idea,reply it.......otherwise don't reply unnecessarily.

1st of all , even if members won't have solution they can reply. This is a forum and everyone is free to comment that untill admin restricts.

Regarding your Issue, If you have applied for termination or cancellation you must be having a Service Request or Complaint number . Use it as reference and fax/email your complaint to Reliance Nodal and Appetite.

Simultaneously Submit your complaint on DOT Public Grievance Portal - :: Grievance Registration Form ::

Ignore Advocate and follow these steps. In Extreme case, you will be called in a Lok Adalat where you have to pretend as poor & ignorant person and Judge will ask you to pay either half or one-third of the amount. :p

So, Next time when Judge calls ask him to get lost and threaten him for police complaint if he continue his harrasment. But I am sure the person who might be calling you won't be a advocate instead some recovery agency . If so they may search you office address and new residential address and trouble you in person. Get ready for that too.


Feb 27, 2009
simple solution - y cant we just boycott reliance and its products
If airtel offers cheap and best BB plans with a decent FUP then im in...everybody will...till then


Feb 10, 2012
Hi , I have posted same problems,Reliance Netconnect - Worst broadband process.We all boycott reliance net connect. I have did following steps.1. I have a copy of termination letter .2. I have paid all dues, then only they start terminate the connection. we need to kick the tele callers.3. Bill cycle need to be paid. example. For me, 3.1 ) Bill date 20th, due 6 the next month. 3.2) When termination pay all dues. - then no worry (They will tell remain 10 days have to pay, np paid) 3.3) They will tell tele caller will call , do not tell any word yes, try to kick him also. 3.4) After finished all , have all the copies of the documents.4) These dealers will tell one calculation, dont bother.5) Ignore all calls for bill pay.Now , i have raised the legal complaint1, Not closed the connection.2, Misleading calls,3) Face to face - tarcher4) re impression for bill raised.I have collected all peoples list same prob , if you have interested you can join us.visit my thread , i will update the all stories from data card purchase and who are called , how they are cheating them all.Everyday i am posting 2 blogs, for this worst broadband process.Thanks,Ragu
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