Has anyone had problems reaching Docomo support while roaming?


Feb 10, 2012
I am in Thrissur, and working through a terminal server (due to the speed). My Tata Docomo estick was bought in Bangalore anD I had good network there. I couldn't connect to 3G when I reached Thrissur though, even though Thrissur was a 3G enabled town. I have had issues trying to reach the 1800 number and the Bengaloru support number. They were always busy. The Kerala support folks confirmed they had no idea about bangalore sims and i have to call the bangalore helpdesk only. (You can check my previous post for details).What I want to know is if it was just me who had a problem trying to contact support or is it common with everyone outside? I was dialling from an airtel connection, and I dialled the full number (1800266121 and 9036012345).I have posted a poll as well. (Please understand that the idea is not to deface anyone in any way. But if there is a problem, the team should know and rectify it).