restrict big download


Jan 18, 2007
dear friends i run a cyber cafe in kalyan ,,,, i face a problem with customer that big downloads (movies) are done all day long which suffers shared internet speed ,,,,i would request all to suggest if there is any policy through which i can restrict any download which is more than 25MB and adding more if a big download is allowed an xtra charge could be applied in short oneclick allow or disallow download or password protected download thanks in advance god bless...


Founder, Hayai Broadband
Jun 22, 2009
Some routers allow you to impose bandwidth limits, but maybe not on a per-file basis. It sounds like you're not running any cyber-cafe software to restrict users - maybe you should. Antamedia is a popular choice - it's not that expensive and all you'd need to get is a small windows PC (make sure it's got an extra PCI slot for a second network card) to run it on. This PC can then act as a network gateway, caching server and potentially game server in case you've got people who want to play head-to-head in your cybercafe.