Spectranet plans for Delhi

Ankush Saxena

May 14, 2012
is it available in noida plan are cool as no FUP me in 2mbps 20 gb fup airtel @949


Jan 2, 2010
na...not at NCR...they have not yet even covered south Delhi properly...3yrs ago when i checked out they had service on opposite side of main road but not this side which I am on thats how their coverage...is :pseems no one using wired connection here in Delhi from IBF .....all airtel and mtnl folks on ibf :p


Sep 22, 2012
Pathetic connectivity and customer care team , Just dont get trapped for the sake of saving few bucks and go for some reputed and nice broadband service providers like Airtel , Tata , reliance etc ... and never sign the spectranet documents without reading... Spectranet is just pathetic in one word I faced problem from the first day I got the connection but I waited for a month by a though they would be improved and after 2 months I got fed up from them and request for refund my money but by mistake I got recharged online for the month of July 2012 from spectranet site and it didnt worked for even a single say , they just removed roof instrument without our knowledge and its been mote than a month I request them to refund my money , and instead of refund my money they just send me Legal notice to return there Instruments ...... Spectranet is just a mental Harassment company guys Beware from them

Kunal Allay

Dec 14, 2012
The Data plans are again changed now they are providing these plans but your local ISP will charge as he wish:-384 Kbps - Rs 372512 Kbps - Rs 465768 Kbps - Rs 5321 Mbps - Rs 6001.5 Mbps - Rs 7351 Mbps day 2 Mbps night - Rs 11331 Mbps day 3 Mbps night - Rs 1471All plans are unlimited download and upload.