Aircel cutting balance for no reason

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Mar 30, 2011
hey ppl, beware of aircel in mumbai . My gf n i both use aircel . Once in december 2011 my balance was 126 and suddenly it was cut down to 76 . I called up customer care a few days later to ask why my balance was cut. They said that i had used the aircel services and downloaded some things like ringtones n wallpapers etc. worth Rs.50 . But in reality i dont even know the site from where to get these ringtones n all . I told the CC ppl this and said i wanted to lodge a complain. They told me to call 198 and contact complaints department who said that they cant accept a complain since "I DOWNLOADED" . I was frustrated and i let it go.That was one . My gf keeps a reminder for the schemes she uses and refills 1 day before. On 14th Jan 2012 at 12:30, she refilled Rs.98 for pocket internet . Her balance was 106 at that time . After an hour or so it reduced to 96 without she doing anything . After sometime 76 , then 36 a little later and by 7 pm her balance was Rs. 3 . It still reduced further to Rs. 0.03 . She called up CC and told them the story . They said their system didnt show any deduction and her balance was still 106 . They said they'll check and told her to call after 2 hours . She didnt wait and called up complaints dept and gave a complain . The guy said he would get it done in 48 hours . She got a message told saying that her complain has been lodged successfully but her balance still remains the same .We are going to the Aircel gallery now . If they dont help then we will call up the nodal officer in front of them .


Mar 4, 2013
I once bought aircel sim under the offer that i get 30Rs starting balance. .Once the sim got activated everything was fine until the next day when i got a message saying i activated some caller tune shit! I was furious and called the CC who told me that i activated caller tunes. I told them i didnt and they said call complaints departmentWhen i called Complaints department ..those bastards said i have wantedly activated caller tunes. .and refused to return balance. (Activating a service without approval is one thing but accusing customer of wrongdoing is another) I threw the sim away and am happy from that day


Nov 28, 2005
Pune, India
TATA DOCOMO also does the same. Once they deducted my Rs. 20 for no reason and their CC "executives" refused to accept the fact that some amount was deducted from my account. Their nodal team consists of rude jerks who believe in shouting at customers. Pathetic.
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