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Oct 27, 2009
Dear Friends,

I have been downloading and installing different Linux distros for some time now and the experience has been a great one so far. I have also tried live CDs of various distros, but I have never found them very useful. The only way I can learn about a particular distro is by installing it to my hard drive. I have come across this Wiki page which has listed five main types of Linux systems namely Debian based, Gentoo based, Pacman based, RPM based, Slackware based.

List of Linux distributions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am planning to install atleast one distro from these main 5 types to my SATA hard drive with a total space of 80 GB. Its an old drive but works fine. I am thinking of installing a total 8 distros to my hard drive with 10 GB allocated to each. This is just to install them. No complicated settings to be done as such.

Can you please recommend atleast one distro (from each of the 5 main types mentioned above) based on your experience that I can install alongside other 4/5 distros on the same hard drive and make my pc a multi-boot system?

I know this is a bit difficult thing to do, but I have come across people on Fedora forums who have done this kind if booting in the past without much trouble. Here is one guy named Glennzo with his list of distros mentioned in the post no 14 of this thread.

Dual boot with Fedora and Ubuntu -

Here is the first line of his post.

My gosh! After installing both OS's, getting a dual boot system working should take about 5 minutes. Why all this fuss here?

Please note that there is not going to be Windows alongside any of the distros that I intend to install. My pc will only have different Linux distros, may 8 or less in all. Please do not suggest live CDs. I want distros that could be installed to a hard drive easily like any other OS. Thanks, please help me guys learn more about the great Linux OS. Cheers.


Nov 7, 2011
in debian based, go for linux mint 12 if you want a user friendly OS. Go for debian if you want more control over the computer. haven't tried much of the other types though.


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Aug 14, 2011
Gurgaon | Mumbai
After having changed distros multiple times over the years, I've finally settled on fedora, gives me great battery life and is smooth. Ubuntu has become quite easy to use with the past few releases. Mint is also similar to ubuntu. Another distro I like is ooenSUSE. I'd suggest you go for a combination of fedora , openSUSE and mint/ubuntu. Fedora is challenging enough, debian looks too plain in my opinion.

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