Scumbag Airtel: Gifts free data . . . . . . disables your data connections.


May 5, 2010
Well I got this message on a prepaid Airtel card I use for a email only device, which says that I have been gifted 50 mins free talk time and 100MB data valid for a period of 2 months. Since I received the sms my emails have stopped syncing and data doesn't work at all. I have never called from the number. But I tried and saw that calls to other Airtel numbers weren't being charged. But i don't really care about 50 mins free talktime or 100MB of free data. I subscribe to a 1GB pack which I never exhaust. And the damn data connection doesn't work. As usual CC is utterly hopeless.Any other users been gifted anything of late? After the big disaster on my sis BB bill, this is a new headache for me.


masoom kameena!
May 18, 2011
I have read you another thread related to your sis BB issue.

Sorry but LOL...Airtel toh aapke pichhe padd gaya!


Mar 23, 2010
Similar issue here. I checked my balance on Jan 15th and it showed that I had balance of Rs.106 in 3G GPRS.I thought Airtel had given this as gift because of the whole network/call centre fire fiasco.Proceeded to tether to my laptop since it was gprs pack. Net suddenly stopped working after 5 minutes and I thought it was a network.Unplugged mobile from laptop and rechecked the balance via *121*2# and main account balance was shown as Rs0.0 and 3G GPRS balance was not displayed. Idiots gave something and then took it away.