Lenovo LeTV (IdeaTV)


Oct 29, 2004
That's right, the company's powered this set up with Android 4.0, slapped on its own skin and is prepping it for a Chinese launch later this spring.

Sporting a full HD resolution, it's no doubt Lenovo's giant is a beauty to behold. What's more impressive is the feature suite the company's packed into the TV. Running the aforementioned ICS OS with the company's own UX atop, on-screen navigation handles much like it does on a tablet.

If you're looking for inputs, this 55-incher has them aplenty. On the rear of the panel's right side are four USB ports, a microSD card slot and HDMI-in.

Lenovo LeTV (IdeaTV) hands-on: a 55-inch Ice Cream Sandwich HDTV (video) -- Engadget