Help Building a New Computer


Jan 7, 2012
I am building a new computer,please help me build it.I normally only learn about computer hardware when i am buying or upgrading the hardware and then i lose track.So i might not know a few things though i have mentioned all my queries below.I am trying to build a system that would last and as interconnected and wireless as possible.I will be using it for :Video GamesVideo EditingAudio EditingImage EditingDisplay forPC,TV,PS3Heaphones for TV,PC,PS3,Phone(if Headphone are bluetooth)Router for 2 home PC,1 phone,Media Server,PS3,TV(if Display is internet connected)Dual Shock 3 ConnectionVirtual OS operationsHackintosh(So only Intel processors)DLNA - Media Server,Android devices,Apple devicesWireless File and Date Transfer to PC - Android with bluetooth to PCProducts and Technology :CPUProcessor - 4-6 Cores,Overclock SupportMotherboard - PCE-E,USB,SATA,Ethernet,DVI,HDMI 1.4,Display Port,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,Optical Audio,Integrated Card Support,Overclock Support,multi-GPU supportGPUGraphic Card - Memory,Multiple Display Support,3D Displays,Dual GPU,Resolution 1080p or betterHDD - 2 -3.5tbRAM - 8+gbDisplay - 24 -27inch,Resolution 1080p or more,Contrasts,Colors,DVI,Display Ports,HDMI,Wi-fi,USB,Bluetooth,Speakers,HeadphonesSpeakers - More Channels,Wireless StreamingHeadphones - Noise Cancellation,Microphone,Blue-tooth,Wireless,More Channels,Bluetooth,Battery LifeRouter - Gigabit Ethernet,Wireless standard N.Good Wireless bandwidth,NAS,DLNAHeatsinks and CoolersPower SupplySome Question's from my side :CPU :Xeon gaming and normal apps - How is Xeon on Gaming and Normal PC applications?i7 Extreme Sandy Bridge - Is this required for my usage and will it be worth it?Core i7 First Gen Core systems - So Sandy Bridge Extreme Processors are very expensive but 970 and 980 6 core Westmere CPU's cost only $500.Is that a bargain and Is buying 1 year old processors good?i7 2600K - Will this be enought for me?i5 2500K - Will this be enought for me?Core vs thread - so AMD vs Intel,AMD provides more Cores but Intel does threading.Whats the difference?Duration Without Update - How long each of them will be enough to perform the heavy task applications,2-3 years?Motherboard :Sound Card - Is it Required or Motherboard will take care of itWi-Fi Card - Is it Required or Motherboard will take care of itBlue-tooth Card - Is it Required or Motherboard will take care of itSATA 3 and PCI-E 3Duration Without Update - How long will this be enough to perform the heavy task applications,2-3 years?RAM :Channels - How many channels is good?Speed - Whats the difference between different 'mhz'?Duratin Without Update - How long will this be enough to perform the heavy task applications,2-3 years?GPU:Cores - I read this when checking out Nvidia Cards,they have 100's of cores.What do they mean?Speed - How much is good as in 'hz'?Bandwidth - How much bandwidth is good?Duration Without Update - How long will latest GPU's be enough to perform the heavy task applications,2-3 years?Display:What Aspect ratio should the Display have as WEB is designed 4:3 and many movies have 21:9 ratio.Do the multidisplays connection to GPU share resolution in output of do they have 2 x resolutions coming out of GPU?Heatsinks and Coolers:Are liquid Coolers really required?Fans vs Liquid Coolers?Are heatsinks required?What all components can and should have heatsinks and cooler?I see them on RAM these daysWireless :Wireless Headphones,Keyboard,Mouse,Router - What does range in 'HZ' meanWill different wireless technologies interfere with each other?Speakers and Headphones - Standard - What do different Standards like dolby,true HD differ?Power Supply - How Many Watts Should my Power Supply be and what all Sockets Should it have?Keyboard - Do i need to my two keyboards? Ergonomic keyboards for typing and SonyApple Wireless keyboard or just one?Mouse - Do i need to my two mouse? Ergonomic mouse for gaming and MicrosoftApple touch mouse or just one?Optical Drive - Should I buy a Blu-ray Drive?Webcam - I Don't Video Chat much and have iphone as a video chat,should it buy one?Printer - I make alot of notes and i like them clean and formatted but should i go far to buy a printer on do it on paper and phoneTablet or netbook or ultrabook - I have an iphone 64gb and will have a good PC.Is there a need for medium screen portable device?Please Help in the following way:Technology - As in what all tech is needed to make it possible like technical information like cores,wi-fi,pci express,aspect ratio,memory,etcProducts - Products on the market that will make it all possible like Intel,Nvidia,Evga,Asus,Apple,Cisco,etc and their different product lineup's.Suggestions - Suggest what configurations will be good for my usage like xeon,core i extreme,core i7,12gb ram,etc

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