Tikona + Netgear wgr614


Aug 20, 2006
Just got today a report from an user of TIKONA.
....................This Saturday I went and purchased a shiny Netgear WGR614 Router.
Installed WiBro - Configured it to Auto Launch and AutoDial and plugged the Router and violla,
I'm all set and all working brilliantly.I am using a 449 Tikona Plan that allows not more than 2
connected devices.....I am able to connect 5 devices...no hassles of logging into at every site.


okay, I wanted to purchase a router today, but as eseebvee suggest3ed going to use connectify first,downloaded it and while installing it asked for XP service pack three, whioch is about 316 Mb so I have to download that first then use the connectify, isnt there a solution for XP which just runs withot .net framework & bunch of crap & right out of box ?


Nov 30, 2011
I think you should not ignore the SP3 or .net framework. Adds to your security n performance.

You can use the Internet without installing the dialer. Open https://login.tikona.in and login to internet access before using the internet.

Mar 12, 2012
Hi...i need help....I have a Tikona Circuit Breaker 4 MBPS 799 plan.I have just purchased a new Netgear Wireless router N150(WGR614V10).However,i am not able to access the internet using it.Can someone give me detailed steps of how they went about configuring the router.It gives me two types of Internet option PPTP and PPPoE.Not sure which one to use.Would be really helpful if someone could post a screenshot of the Netgear basics setting page ?


Mar 10, 2012
Hi Arjun,
setting up NG WGR614v10 is a bit complicated with Tikona. What you need to do is, connect the setup with WGR614 and tikona ethernet cable.. first and power on both of them.
then, setup the router using the 3 page instruction manual by going to the website: http://www.routerlogin.net/start.htm.
The PIN number which you will need at the time of setup is on the router backside.
Make sure you setup the "Wireless Settings" section from "Setup" section in the left hand side menu.
I'm still trying to get the optimum settings on this router as the connection drops and i need to restart everything at random intervals..
Hope this