this women is hot!!!!!


Apr 2, 2007
but shockingly its only a MAN.................:rofl::freaked-out::depressed::aglerks::dejection::pissed-off::tremble::at-wits-end::love-over::topsyturvy:

1. Andrej was born on August 28, 1991, in Tulza in Bosnia and Herzegovina to a Serbian mother and Croatian father. His parents, Jadranka and Vlada divorced shortly after he was born. He also has an older brother.

2. During the Bosnia War, Andrej fled with his mother, brother and grandmother to a refugee camp near Belgrade in Serbia. In an interview with Grazia magazine, he said his childhood was “happy” adding: “The camp was a community. We went to school and I had lots of friends – mainly girls. Everybody played outside. My memories are very carefree.”

3. When Andrej was eight, the family fled Serbia following the 1999 NATO bombings and moved to Melbourne in Australia as political refugees. He still lives in Australia.

4. Andrej was reportedly scouted when he was 16 and working in McDonalds in Australia, however he has also referred in interviews to being spotted at a swimming pool in Melbourne when he was still at high school. It’s not clear if the scout knew he was male at the time.

5. Andrej’s vital statistics are: height – 6ft 2ins, shoe size – 10, eye colour – grey/blue, hair colour – blonde, chest – 36ins, waist – 30ins.

6. The male model claims his extreme androgynous look is entirely his own creation. He started to experiment with his look when he was 14 and tried to break gender stereotypes. He told the Telegraph: “Now I’m comfortable in my skin, and for my look to be celebrated is great. My look is very personal to me. When I started experimenting, it was a personal decision because I was unhappy. It wasn’t something I did for attention.”


A Big Fan of IBF
Oct 18, 2010
Now what other external checks do we have to ensure that the person standing in front, or may b in the pic is a Male/Female? :D


masoom kameena!
May 18, 2011
achha hua pahale padh liya...pall bhar me jaane kya kya soch liya tha! :iomg:

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