Facing Frequent BSNL Broadband Disconnection


Nov 3, 2011
Dear Friends,

I am using BSNL Broadband conncection for last 5 years and have recently changed my connection to UL850 with 1 Mbps speed. But since the change of plan, I am facing problems of frequent link failure and unable to use my phone while using broadband as this results to link getting off. I explained my problem to the BSNL service engineer and he changed my all wires. But the problem remains the same.
My BSNL Broadband details are as follows:-

Product Name Huawei MT841(type III)
Physical Address 00:0F:A3:79:E2:69
Software Release V100R001C01B021SP01
DSP Version D.57.2.17
Release Date Jul 19 2005

Operation Mode G.Dmt
Bandwidth Up/Down(Kbit/sec) 512/2048
SNR Up/Down 18 dB /20.0 dB
Attenuation Up/Down 9.5 dB /19.5 dB

My Speed

Download 114 kbps
upload 221 kbps

Pls help.


Aug 20, 2006
If your previous tariff plan was of lesser speed, appears, in Exchange your PORT
has not been changed for speed upto 1 Mbps.Talk to Broadband Section of Exchange.
try a download here No need to download full file.
This can eliminate any fault in /or doubt about your computer or modem settings)
http://motive.bsnl.co.in Speed upto 250 KB/sec 2 Mbps possible for any connection.
Download not counted in your usage.



Jan 2, 2007
Since almost 1 year, I am facing similar issue in Bangalore (luckily I am getting the speed as promised in my 512 kbps UL plan). And I don't have patience to troubleshoot. I am living with it. But I will be happy to find some solution. In my case, my IP was changed from one series to another. Here is my another old thread on the same problem, which is still not resolved :(


In my case, BSNL team blames my wires too, but I have not changed them. But as you have already changed the wires, you still have the problem. I strongly feel this is a issue at BSNL Exchange and I don't know how to prove them. This involves a good amount of personal time.

FYI - the only thing which is fixed that - the stupid Motive BSNL page doesn't come up. But internally the modem resets and I get a new IP. For a while all my active connections break and later I resume the work.