Vodafone postpaid number disconnected!! Need help!!


Jan 21, 2010
guys my Vodafone postpaid number was disconnected recently, i went to the Vodafone store to get it reactivated, but the store executive told me that the number was disconnected as there was no usage for 3 months and can be given back but i will have to pay vanity number charges 5500/-. i was shocked to know this as i got this number in 2004 when hutch (Vodafone) first launched in my circle and at that time i got the number free of cost. i need suggestions to get back my number as i have been using it for more than 7 years and its really important to me. i was abroad for couple of months when i came back and switched on my phone i saw sim card registration failed, need help desperately. What should i do ????

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