Vodafone 3G Billing Issues regarding 2G usage


Oct 17, 2011
I have used Vodafone 3G Prepaid services in Jaipur. I used the 3G in iPad. As the 3G signal is not too strong everywhere, sometimes the iPad used to switch to 2G/EDGE automatically. Whenever this happened Vodafone would charge for data at 10p/10kb. as a result whatever balance was in my account would get chewed up in no time. I called the customer care and gave them the link from Vodafone website which clearly said that 2G usage would be deducted from 3G allowance only. Vodafone | Terms & Conditions for 3G Packs
But I could not make the Vodafone customer care understand.
I had to buy Airtel 3G and use that.
I still wish I get a sensible reply from Vodafone on this issue.

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