Planning to upgrade to HD !


Apr 6, 2011
Dear friends,I am enjoying my Tata Sky SD connection with Annual Mega Lite Pack which just past 3 months, that's mean next 9 months are remaining. I want to upgrade my SD box to HD Box because I am planning to buy a 24" Full HD LED Monitor (24") in this Diwali.Ohhh, I am sorry that I forgot to mention that I am watching Tata Sky on my 19" ViewSonic LED Monitor with the help of a TV Card.So, I want to know that if I will upgrade, what materials to be replaced i.e. SD Box, Remote, Dish. Also, make me confirmed about the package I am using whether my running Annual Mega Lite Pack gonna be changed or not. Because, I want to upgrade to HD with same pack which I am using right now.Please....! guide me.


Aug 11, 2006
You will be charged only for HD box or HD + box which ever you are buying...the annual mega pack will be there which includes HD Channels too...

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