Suggest a simple Network Storage


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Aug 1, 2005
I have failed myself big time in finding a decent alternative over ridiculously priced Time Capsule here.

My requirements:
1. Minimum 2 TB capacity. For Pure data storage only. Not for backups or any other complicated nonsense.
2. Could connect wireless or by ethernet cable with my NetGear DGND3300 ADSL Router on WiFi G or N network.
3. Simple plug and play setup where the drive shows up as networked drive under OSX Lion and Windows.
4. Do not want worthless features like remote access from anywhere or bloatware installs of custom software.
5. Budget Rs. 15000 or $330 or £300

All the Seagate or Netgear network storage drives force you to register online to use the hardware and reviewers over at Amazon are moaning about their purchases.
Is there nothing that can fit such small requirement criteria?

Guys please suggest. I will be forever indebted.


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Jul 3, 2006
If I can suggest something...and little initial efforts! But will be cost effective!Get a tiny linux, set up LVM. Enable network access.Advantage of LVM wud be that u can add more harddisks without much hassle.