Do Not Buy Idea Netsetter packed 06/2011


Jun 14, 2009
If anyone is planning to buy Idea Netsetter and then use it with other operators's SIM after unlocking, I am warning you not to buy those Idea Netsetters PACKED 06/2011.This WARNING goes to individuals or RESELLERS to like to sell IDEA NETSETTER unlocked! Till date, no solution was found to unlock these modems. Reasons behind unlocking failure:New Idea Netsetters (Huawei E1550 and E1732) comes with a new firmware (v 11.609.20.02.356) which is secure, and can not be flashed for upgrade or downgrade the firmware. As a result you can not unlock it by getting unlock or flash code. I personally tried with Dc-Locker and many other unlockers, it is still can not be unlocked, as we did with earlier Idea Netsetter modems !


Sep 26, 2011
dear sir can i know is there any other modem where in i can put any sim and use net..... previously i had idea netsetter e1550 i was using vodafone sim later my net setter was not able to connect to laptop so please can you help me......