1st time in India

DJ Lucipher

Aug 29, 2004
Hi i am kinda lookin fwd 4 a visit to india :p which is the THE place to see in india apart from the usual sh*t like Taj, Gateway of India, Goa, Kerala Black@$$water, Desert qween ... ?


Aug 26, 2004
You can go to Chawki Dhani at Jaipur ..Really a nice place to see and enjoy not like the forts and rivers where u just go see and come back.Nice village setup our there. Can enjoy cultural activities, good crowd, great enviornment and lot of food.Its just few KM from the main market of Jaipur so i suggest get a trip of jaipur for two days. The best time to go to Chawki Dhani is after evening 8:00 roam around and book your dinner time as 10:00.Day time go to Bapu Market at Jaipur for some shopping and lucnch out there only (lot of near by restarurants and hotels.)